Germany: Number of migrant criminal suspects soars by more than 50% in 2016




In addition to crimes by Muslim migrants and jihad attacks, Germany is stuck with a sizeable bill to pay.

Back in January, the Express reported that to clean up the mess created by Muslim migrants will cost Germany and EU taxpayers $46 billion. But then in a later report, the Express estimated that figure would be much higher. Despite the mess created by Angela Merkel’s irresponsible immigration policy, she “signalled her intention to increase international aid spending to record levels even as the cost of her refugee policies spirals to a staggering £70 billion.”

But apparently many Germans are rather forgiving:

Concerns over security and integration initially pushed up the poll ratings of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), but support has slipped as the rate of arrivals has slowed.
The public all over the West appears to be quick to absorb blame and forget news about Muslim rape gangs in the UK, where the gangs view young infidel girls as “easy meat”; the epidemic crime in Sweden; Christian genocide in the Middle East; and the Islamic brutality against gays, infidels and Yazidi girls. This willful blindness can be blamed on the likes of German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who insists that poor housing and crowded rooms are the reason for Muslim crime.

Angela Merkel only decided to stem the flow of incoming refugees when she realized that it meant political suicide for her to continue to bring them in at such a rapid clip. Despite the Cologne sex attacks that made global headlines and further crimes that followed, her earlier words were “we can do it.”


“Number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50% in 2016, as minister warns the number of crimes has ‘increased disproportionately’”, by Chris Pleasance, Daily Mail, April 24, 2017:

The number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50 per cent in 2016, data from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.

Police were hunting 174,000 suspects classed as immigrants in 2016, the data showed, 52.7 per cent more than in the previous year.

Crimes motivated by Islamism also increased by 13.7 per cent. That includes the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned that crimes committed by refugees had ‘increased disproportionately’ last year…
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Germany: Number of migrant criminal suspects soars by more than 50% in 2016

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