Muslim Murders Bride When He Finds Out What’s Under Her Wedding Dress


A couple had just completed their vows when they set off on a romantic honeymoon, coming together for the first time. However, once the groom got his new bride alone, he quickly realized that she was hiding something under her wedding gown that was enough for him to erupt in rage and brutally murder her.

Honor killing might not be exclusive to the Islamic community, but followers of this particular ideology account for 91 percent of these barbaric, ritualistic sacrifices. Encompassing everything from adultery to rape to simply acting “too Western,” Muslim males have taken it upon themselves to restore family honor by butchering those who’ve shamed the family name.

Pakistani online newspaper Indus News reports that a 19-year-old bride in Jacobabad was strangled to death by her new husband because she allegedly lied about who she really was — particularly about “not being a virgin.” The furious groom claims to have found out that his wife was “damaged goods” on their wedding night, prompting him to squeeze the life out of her and share photos of her mangled corpse on social media.

Qalandar Bux Khokhar snapped pictures of his murdered bride, who was also his cousin, before posting them with a caption describing her shame of not being a virgin on their honeymoon. He claimed that Khanzadi, the daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, was presented to him as an undefiled bride and had no choice but to kill her for dishonoring him.

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