France’s most wanted criminal evaded police arrest by wearing a burqa for three months

Photo: For illustration. Source: Unsplash / Author: Majid Korang Beheshti

Rédoine Faïd, France’s most wanted criminal for the murder of a police woman during a failed robbery in 2010, was arrestednearly three months after the day of his prison escape , France24 reports .

He was the brain behind a failed robbery in 2010, with an abundance of previous crimes. A police woman was killed during his attempt to rob a money transport car with cash.

On 1 July he escaped with the aid of three heavily armed men in a helicopter, which was controlled by a hostile flight instructor. He had been on the run for three months. This is not the first escape from Faïd. In 2013, he held four prison guards and managed to blow up the prison doors with the aid of dynamite. He was then on the run for six weeks.

After monitoring the mobile phones used by the gang members who participated in the prison escape, the police finally managed to trace Faïd on Wednesday morning in an apartment block. There was a young woman in Creil, where Faïd grew up, who last weekend “had a person in her car dressed in a burqa whose figure suggested he could be a man”.

The person dressed in a burqa stepped out of the car and entered the apartment of the woman, followed by another person, also in a burqa. The police immediately suspected that the two burka-clad persons were Rédoine Faïd and his brother Rachid.

On Wednesday, 4:20, a huge arrest team from the French BRI police attacked the flat and arrested Rédoine Faïd and his brother Rachid, along with the 28-year-old cousin of the flat owner. The nephew and two other suspects are held elsewhere in custody.

Rédoine is one of the most notorious criminals in France. Despite the violent nature of his crimes, he almost has the status of a celebrity.

He was sentenced to 10 years after his jailbreak of 2013 in 2017, and was also sentenced to 18 years in prison for being the brain behind the 2010 robbery. In 2018 he did not appeal and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The violent prison escapes and the escape of police arrest by simply wearing a burqa has become an embarrassing issue for Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet. On Wednesday she vowed: We are going to place him in a high security facility where he is very closely watched. “

The battle for the burqa has intensified considerably since last night, as citizens throughout the world and around the world see legitimate reasons for not allowing burkas in public places. The fear of insecurity that was previously labeled as ‘racist’ turned out to be a very legitimate concern last Wednesday.

Frankrijk’s meest gezochte misdadiger ontweek politiearrestatie door drie maanden een boerka te dragen


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